"Innovadores Sub35 se toman la red" (SUB35 Innovators take the NET), First Digital Scouting in Chile

The purpose of SUB35 was to detect young talent in the digital world in six cities across the country, delivering in each one of them successful experiences of young entrepreneurs, creating a national network of e-innovators that enhances the transfer of expertise and synergy of projects.
On our route we recruited 30 projects from the cities of Concepción, Temuco, La Serena, Valparaíso, Valdivia and Santiago.
In January we will hold the national event SUB35 Innovators take the NET, which closes the Scouting process bringing together the best projects from each region. In this instance, the coaching process will continue more in depth, and the winner of a trip to Silicon Valley, USA will be selected.

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